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Top 5 hottest women!

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Cat's top 5

There are so many hot women out there, but choosing the top 5 was – believe it or not – rather easy. I just wish I could make it a top 7 and include Rosario Dawson and Rachel Weisz.

5. Beyoncé Knowles. Few people are beautiful, talented and intelligent, but Beyoncé is one of them. I’ve heard that she’s had a couple of surgeries, but who cares when the results are this good? Rawr.
4. Dana Elaine Owens. She’s better known as Queen Latifah, and I lovelovelove her body. As most of you know, I’ve always preferred small boobs over big ones, but Queen Latifah is an exception. Especially before she had her breast reduction. Yum.
3. Keira Knightley. No matter how fucking weird her face is, she’s absolutely stunning in an elegant way that very few women are these days. I can never seem to take my eyes off her, with the exception of in Pirates of the Caribbean, where I’m staring at Johnny Depp instead.
2. Christina Aguilera. I’ve been rather infatuated with her ever since she got out of her trailer trash whore style and started looking like the goddess she is.
1. Angelina Jolie. You didn’t see that coming, did you? Of course you did, she is the motherfucking definition of hotness. I don’t think she’ll ever be left out of a list like this, she’s like a modern Helen of Troy. I doubt any of us will live to see another woman match her beauty.

And now you wonder: “Wait, what? No Jessica Alba, no Adriana Lima and holy shit, NO MEGAN FOX?!” That’s right. Them bitches can’t compare. Who’d be in your top 5?



Posted: September 27, 2010 in Cat's top 5

You know the voices that are so awesome, they make your crotch moist? Oh yes, those voices. Well, I’m about to list the top five hottest voices so be prepared for some serious eargasms.

1. Alan Rickman. His deep, rough voice just makes you want to get on your knees and be his slave. You may know him from the Harry Potter films as Severus Snape, as judge Turpin from Sweeney Todd or as the caterpillar Absolem, from Alice in Wonderland. He doesn’t need a penis, he penetrates you with his voice. And you like it.
2. Christopher Lee. I don’t think anyone plays villain as well as he does. You have heard his epic voice in Alice in Wonderland where he voiced the Jabberwocky, as Saruman from Lord of the Rings or perhaps from Star Wars as Count Dooku.
3. Tomas Bolme. Don’t let his humble appearance fool you. This not-so-famous swede has an awesome and very special voice. I first heard it in my favourite childhood series; Space Adventure Cobra. I’ve heard it in a couple of other anime dubs, but he’ll always be my sexy Cobra.
4. Clive Owen. There’s something special about his voice, it’s so… sexy. Which is rather fitting, because so is he. Rawr. Anyway, you may know him from King Arthur (as Arthur), Sin City as Dwight or as Theo Faron in Children of Men.
5. Stellan Skarsgård. I saw King Arthur the other night, and there was a face I recognised, but it was covered in beard so I wasn’t sure who it was. But as soon as he spoke, I knew that he was the one behind that bushy beard. You have seen him in Pirates of the Carribean as Bootstrap Bill or in Good Will Hunting as Lambeau.

Do you disagree? Comment and let me know!

Gingers and birthdays

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Cat's top 5, Rant

Dagen började med världens mensvärk och en svidande hals. Jag låg kvar en stund (läs: en timme) innan jag hade samlat ihop tillräckligt med energi för att ta mig upp ur soffan. Gjorde i ordning en stor kopp te och satte mig vid datorn. Jag spenderade tre timmar med att spela Borderlands, resten med att bara dryga runt som en zombie. Jag och min kära bror har precis tittat på Paranormal Activity, och precis som jag hoppades så sket han nästan på sig.

Just nu sitter jag och slösurfar runt på The Superficial, sånt är alltid lika kul. Något som fick mig att skratta var ett inlägg om att Courtney Love säger sig ha pökat med Gavin Rossdale, medan han var tillsammans med Gwen Stefani. Citat ur inlägget:

You know how I know Courtney Love is crazy? The entire premise of her bullshit revolves around Gavin Rossdale’s penis not tearing itself off when its told to enter her after being inside Gwen Stefani. I want to rip my own penis off right now just imagining how this scenario could even occur in our plane of existence. If Stephen Hawking saw this, he’d get up out of his wheelchair and dive out a window because clearly our universe just collapsed on itself.

Om jag mår bättre imorgon så hälsar jag på Frida en stund, är det någon som får mig på bra humör så är det hon. Än en gång har hon visat att hon är en underbar vän – trots att vi inte känt varann särskilt länge så har hon ändå visat mer omtanke och stöd än någon annan. Är glad att jag har dig gumman! <3

Nä, ska skriva en top 5 och sedan lägga mig för att 6 timmar senare vakna upp med svidande hals och mensvärk. Mamma fyller år på söndag, då kommer mormor hit och stannar till måndag. Det ska bli kul, hoppas bara att jag blivit frisk till dess.

Cat’s top 5 hotness!
1. Gingers. Come on, we all love redheads. Don’t deny it.
2. Nerds. Takes one to love one, I suppose.
3. Ferocity. Nya.
4. Humour. If you can’t make me laugh, you won’t get far.
5. Mini Coopers. I want to touch them. I know you do too.

Är lite smått sur över att en hel rad med funktioner försvunnit, så mina senaste inlägg är fula och det stör mig något enormt. Ska maila WP och se vad som är fel. Dags att sova, god natt babes!

Introducing: Cat’s top 5!

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Cat's top 5, Rant

Mitt liv är händelselöst och tråkigt, så istället för att låta bloggen ruttna tills det faktiskt händer något intressant, så introducerar jag nu en ny kategori… *trumvirvel* …Cat’s top 5! Totally awesome, eller hur? Okej, kanske inte. Den kommer vara på engelska, mest för att min holländska slampa ville det, men också för att det är lättare att uttrycka sig på engelska.

Jag har funderat lite på bloggen de senaste nätterna. Jag vill göra något mer med den, men visste inte vad eller hur. Jag har ett par idéer som jag kommer introducera snart. You know you want it.

Cat’s top 5 wild animals!
1. Elephants. My favourite animal of all time. No need for explanations, they’re simply awesome.
2. Tigers. The biggest cats in the world, and they’ve got stripes too!
3. Lions. They can mate up to 50 times a day. ‘Nuff said!
4. Llamas. Just look at them! Kick-ass.
5. Bears. These big and fuzzy babies can climb trees. And most importantly – their asses are bigger than mine.