Fuck yes.

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Rant

This baby will be mine in early September. We all know my current phone gets more retarded for each passing day, and I can’t wait to actually get a decent one. I was torn between this (ZTE Skate) and the ZTE Blade, but figured Skate was worth the extra 900 sek.

These last few weeks have been hell, I’ve had a whopping 9 sek on my bank account and I saved those to buy a carton of milk. I was expecting my student loan on the 25th, but Frida told me earlier that we’d get it tonight. Happiness. So after ordering the phone, paying bills, kitty insurance etc, I have about 7800 sek left. Out of 12 000. Oops.

Going shopping with Andy tomorrow, I need to look at training shoes and he needed something at New Yorker. After that Frida and I will spend some time drooling over Jay Smith, who’ll be in town tomorrow night. Mreow. And I can’t wait till Saturday for the dog show omg. Will update after that.

Spent the day cuddling and playing with Melissa, and made some chewy mint chocolate muffins. Overall, it has been a good birthday. Sleep tight my lovelies. :*


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