The Big Four!

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Rant

Was going to update earlier today but I fell asleep. Mum and I saw The Big Four in Gothenburg last night, they were awesome. Except Megadeth, they were just as boring as last year. Apparently there were like 56 000 fans at Ullevi, atleast when Metallica was on. Insane.

Everything went smooth, mum had no trouble finding a good parking spot and it was only a 5 minute walk to Ullevi. We forgot to bring cash though, so we were unable to buy earplugs and something to drink. Kinda stupid but oh well :D I had to pee before we went looking for our seats. Badly. But god, those toilets… My worst nightmare. And I had to use them again on the way out. Yuck.

Anthrax was on first, as usual. In my opinion they’re way better live than Megadeth, and should be playing after them.

God knows how many kilos I lost last night by just doing the wave during the breaks. Our side (left) started doing them and we didn’t give up until the wave went all the way around to the other side. Awesomeness.

I think I have a teeny crush on Slayer’s Tom Araya. Look at him, so hot. And his voice is just… meow.

But of course, there’s a reason why 50% of us wore Metallica tees. Basically everyone with seats was sitting through the whole thing. Until Metallica came on, that is.

My favourite song ever. Araya may be hot, but no one is as sexy as Hetfield. Check this One (pun pun) out too while you’re at it, it is fucking magical.

When it was over, we were hungry, deaf and dehydrated. A midget was selling water outside, so needless to say, I didn’t drink anything till we came back to the car.

  1. Mamma says:

    This was so f…ing awesome…………..!!!!! Grr… Thanx my dearest kids. Love you forever… <3

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